Tuesday, May 28, 2013

As soon as you manage the conflict, it is better for you. Because a lot of things may be occurred for the conflict. So you have to know the process how to deal with conflict.

1. Identify the conflict situation:
As soon as you can identify the the conflict situation, you can develop the resolution. Situation in which the personal safety of customers or colleagues is threatened need particularly urgent attention.

2. Understand the cause of conflict:
As mentioned earlier, listening is one of the most effective ways of fully understanding the conflict conflict situation and the causes understanding it, but it is also essential to take a neutral position until the investigation has been concluded.

3. Take charge of the conflict situation:
When a situation is serious it needs to be handle confidentially and directly, and this might involve moving to a quiet area to discuss it. Successful resolution of a conflict or a complaint can lead to closer working relationship and more satisfied customers.

4. Escalate the situation:
 In serious situations the conflict must be escalated, the human resource department having detailed procedures in place for this reason.


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